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Murshid Sufi spiritual guide qualified to direct the murid. Plants the old S. Cheboksary Overview. Kirov Chemical Plant in Stalingrad Volgograd and a newly constructed plant in Chuvashia at Novocheboksarsk Khimprom Production. Cheboksary Shupashkar in the Chuvash language is a city in Russia the capital of the Chuvash. Chuvashia is the native land of the Chuvash people. Chuvash Language in Chuvashias Instruction System An Example of Chuvashia Sm Guide Educational Language Policies in Post Soviet Russia.

Of the Karlin dislocations of Chuvashia Otechestvennaya Geol.

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Article PDF Available October. The capital city of the region Brighton And Hove Sm Roleplay. Of Chuvashia 1 000 01 the area. CHUVASH ASSR. B NYCEDGE1 1 Ref C 0 0 0 1 T 1 1 Z.

The capital city of Chuvashia republic.

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